About Us

The world is getting smarter every second so are we. Why choose old school methods when you can use your smart phone better. Payments, Recharges, Bookings just got easier with Efast. Efast Techno Service Private limited is a well-known name in the business segment of online recharges, reservations and utility payments in India. The Cash-In-Hand problem has been put to an end with Efast India. Use of Efast is not only an advantage to the payers but also to the service providers, channel partners, and retailers. Find us on your app store and enjoy our services internationally. One can send credit to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Created as a friendly tool for easy online recharges and payments, Efast has set its mission to facilitate international mobile services, assistance and accessibility. Apart from being a host to the major mobile network operators worldwide, Efast delivers its customers an amazing shopping experience too. The company offers daily deals as well to make customers experience even better than before. From clothing to phones, Efast has to offer it all.

We deliver security and reliability, making us a top market player in the global telecommunication field. We serve more than 200000 customers every month. With over 4 years of experience, (we deliver security and reliability). We guarantee 100% satisfaction for every transaction.